About Us

About UsWe provide hog roast catering for events, inside and outside, we arrive at your party with all our equipment ready with serving tables and a pop up gazebo. Pria to starting to cook the rind of our locally produced lake district hog is scored evenly and has salt rubbed in this helps produce the lovely crispy strips of crackling that Kendal hog roast are famous for. The pig roast is then freshly carved and served on freshly baked cobs from our local baker Lesley, with our own recipe apple sauce and sausage meat stuffing. Our own lambs are seasoned with garlic and rosemary cooked for two and a half hours then glazed with honey. We also offer venison, chicken, duck and game.

Our illustrious and universally loved hog and spit roasting company has its roots firmly planted in the realm of farming. The owner and founder of Kendal Hog Roast, Giles Pixton and his family have farmed the hills of the lake district for generations. Often seen roaming the hills singing songs to his sheep, his face was a common sight to ramblers and Kendal-dwellers alike. Always close to nature, it has been the ethos of our Kendal hog roast since the outset, to always remain true to the land from which we take our resources. A family man, Giles was sure to instil into us the virtues of responsible procurement of raw materials, along with a respect for the earth which can be tasted in our foods. With the essence of the beautiful lands, the meats as well as the accompaniments provide not only a source of mesmerising nutrition, the food also exhibits the opportunity of providing the masses with taste sensations that can allow for a surreptitious amount of enjoyment.

Famous with holiday makers and ramblers alike, the area of Kendal and its spacious surroundings have formed the backdrop of many peoples leisure time. From the limestone rich areas such as Malham, down to the low valleys in and around climbs such as Jake’s Rake, you are certain to find examples of the produce which we serve upon our glistening spits.

Apart from having a firm and focused history within the field of farming and organic farming practices, we also have a deep love of the catering industry. This began many, many moons ago, on a day like most days in the lake district with a fresh light drizzle. Whilst consuming food reared on our own farm and pasture land, we realised that the standard of foods and catering services that were available in the area were simply not up to par. After all, the landscape and the people of the region ought to be better represented in terms of the quality of food which they receive, especially at their bespoke hog and spit roast catered events.

With this in mind, we embarked upon the journey of providing the wondrous region amidst the Kendal area. Armed with state of the art hog and spit roasting machines, we utilised our sensational access to lovely produce, and went forth into the night. Now, we stand as the stalwart foundations of hog roasting. Supporting an ancient and taste-inducing method of roasting, our Kendal based enterprises has grown and flourished into an operations centre which prides itself on making people’s dreams come true. Over and over again.

So, for any occasion or party, you need look no further than Kendal hog roast specialists in hog roast catering. We’ll blow your minds!