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Kendal’s Most Renowned Hog Roast Caterer

Hog Roast KendalHog Roast Kendal

Welcome to Hog Roast Kendal, the home of Lake District hog roast catering. We operate a small family run catering company specialising in hog roasts in and around the Lake district. We offer great value for money coupled with excellent customer service.

Hog Roast Kendal have the experience to turn any outdoor event into a memorable occasion thanks to our unbeatable hog roasts, creative catering menus and tailored customer service. We will make sure every detail of your big day is spot on and we will design a menu that is unique to your event.

What Hog Roast Kendal Have To Offer

Hog Roast KendalHere at Hog Roast Kendal we provide a superb quality catering service to help make your party a special one. The hog is roasted on a spit and the whole cooking process can be seen through the glass panel on the side of our hog roast bbq.

This really makes Hog Roast Kendal a prominent part of any event, whether it be a wedding evening party or corporate event. The beautiful smell of freshly cooked and carved hot roast pork creates an idyllic atmosphere for any party. Although hog roasts are our speciality we can offer lots of other spit roasted meats sourced from throughout Cumbria.

Hog Roast Kendal specialise in hog roast catering for parties and events around a comfortable two hour drive from our farm just outside Kendal. Please contact us and we can discuss your needs further. Our natural setting has always formed our inspiration. With our roots in farming (see our About Us page), Giles and I know the value of optimum ingredients. Which is why all of our food produce is the highest quality available, allowing us to be confident of our services whilst keeping you more than satisfied.

Hog Roasts And Catering For All Occasions

Hog Roast Kendal

Hog roasts are the perfect centre-piece to suit any event, whether it is a formal wedding, corporate event, informal birthday party or house warming etc. Should you use Hog Roast Kendal to cater for your next affair, you can rest easy knowing that you will be working with a team of professionals, who know and understand the importance of great tasting food.

Hog Roast KendalAlong with garden parties and other such occasions of refined informality, Hog Roast Kendal also specialise in other formats of culinary food services. These include wedding catered events and corporate functions. With our wedding catered services, we offer our clients and customers the chance to embark upon a food quest filled with delights. Seeing the hog turn lifts the spirit and cleanses the mind. The slow rotation allows the mind to drift, whilst the scents and aromas which emanate and percolate from the hog roast make you yearn for their touch. And taste. Another key aspect and point of interest which is housed within the confines of the wedding catered event is the ease in which we can cater for large numbers of people (easily into the hundreds).

Why We Chose Hog Roast Kendal To Host Our Business

When we think about the Lake District, one thing comes to mind, fresh ingredients. Our chefs only use the finest and freshest locally sourced ingredients in all our meals from canapes to desserts. We offer on-site cooking, where we cook and serve your meal right in front of your eyes, we can also cook off-site and deliver your food to allow your event to be more intimate. We want to make your experience as convenient as possible. Hog Roast Kendal take great pride in our reputation for mouth-watering food and professionalism, and should you require anything that is off our menus then don’t hesitate to ask. We will do our best to accommodate your every need and desire.

Hog Roast KendalHere at Hog Roast Kendal, our time operating in the town has quickly shown us that if there is one thing our team and outdoor lovers have in common it’s our love of food! All that mountainous hiking and climbing is enough to work up a brilliant appetite for anyone, and what better what to curb that hunger than by sinking your teeth into a freshly baked roll, stuffed with hearty, slow cooked pork meat?

We simply can’t think of a better post-walk feast and it would seem neither can the people of Kendal who have become huge fans of our spit roasting catering. We have been lucky enough to cater for a range of events, both big and small in the Kendal area including weddings, birthday celebrations, dinner parties and even sporting events.

Hog Roast Kendal believe that there is so much more to high quality catering than just the food. It’s not quite as straightforward. We take every little detail into account; we ensure that our meat and fresh produce comes from only the finest sources, our equipment is always up to world class standards and we only hire skilled, professionally trained staff to ensure that our team here at Hog Roast Kendal can provide the most wonderful culinary experience for you and your guests.